Player Vs Player [PVP] Event

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Player Vs Player [PVP] Event

Post  sianzhoe on Sun Aug 10, 2008 1:32 am

PvP Event,did you guy know what mean of pvp? It is mean Player VS Player.

Pvp will be held at PvP Map.If you are intersting to join,pls go to Fm or anywhere to chat with 1 npc that name is Duey.Thanks.

PvP Rules:
1.If you are killed by other player,that mean you are lose! Pls don't cheat us.
2.If you are lose,pls don't revive in that time.After the winner is out,then you guy can revive.
3.In pvp map,Heal is unworking,sorry about that.

Have Fun in PvP event. Thanks to Support DemonMS.
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